FFWS Mentoring Program

FFWS supports students through financial grants and campus support through peer mentoring on most campuses. Each freshman and transfer student is offered a peer mentor, who can help build community, answer questions, and connect them to the campus and educational resources. The mentors are junior or senior year students and recipients of a FFWS grant. Peer mentors are supervised on each campus by either the financial aid department or the advising department. A fall kickoff event is held to meet the mentors and supervisors on most campuses.


“My hope is that our peer mentors will create that
first welcoming smile for scholars to know they belong.”
–Kelly Ruppel, FFWS Executive Director

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Mentoring FAQ

Are mentors trained?
Yes, mentors have been specially trained to help freshmen and transfer students transition to campus life.

What is involved in mentoring?
New FFWS students will be invited to social, academic, and volunteer events held by the FFWS mentors and campus supervisors. They will have access to an advisor or contact person, and will be able to reach out to their mentor with any questions or needs as they transition to campus.

What kinds of questions can mentors answer?
A campus mentor can answer questions or concerns about parking, housing, financial aid, health needs, and more. Mentors can also help students get established with a tutor, or inform and support new students in attending FFWS or other campus activities.

What do you need to do to sign up?
Nothing! Freshmen and transfer students on most campuses will be contacted by their peer mentor. The student just needs to reply to the mentor to take advantage of this opportunity.

More questions about the mentoring program?
Contact the Fund for Wisconsin Scholars’ Mentor Coordinator Angela Swenson-Holzinger with questions about the mentoring program.

Angela Swenson-Holzinger

Email address:

Phone:  (608) 238-2400