The Gift of Education

The foundation of FFWS is based on the belief that every person has equal value, the capacity to learn and make reasonable decisions, freedom of thought and expression, an obligation for the stewardship of resources; and the potential to create one’s own future and the future of our society. When you help to assure a more highly educated workforce it leads to increased ethical thinking, opportunities, civic involvement, financial savings, philanthropic giving, a reduction in criminal behavior, better health, and better care of our environment.

To make a donation contact:
Kelly Ruppel, FFWS Executive Director
PO Box 5506 Madison, WI 53705-0506 | 608-238-2400

The Fund For Wisconsin Scholars (FFWS) is a charitable organization recognized as exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; charitable donations to it are tax-exempt to the extent provided in the Internal Revenue Code.

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P.O. Box 5506
Madison, WI 53705-0506